Because I don't use preservatives in my cookies, they are best eaten within a few days of baking. Ask me about those that have a longer shelf life.

French Butter Cookies

As a kid, I remember the blue tins of Danish Butter Cookies every holiday.  I used to try to pace myself by having only one shape at a time.  As a baker, I wanted to recreate this cookie with solid ingredients that I could trust.  After much study, French Butter Cookies turned out to be the way to go.  So here you are:

Left to right:  Vanilla, Coconut, Almond, Lemon
From left to right:  Checkerboard, Vanilla, Swirl, Chocolate
These delectable morsels come in boxes of 24.
You can select your own combination (in multiples of 6).
So you can get 6 vanilla, 6 lemon and 12 chocolate, or 24 checkerboards; it's up to you!

$10 a box.

Almond flavor contains nuts.

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