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Monday, November 2, 2015

Apple of my eye

Last apples of the season.  I spent Saturday filling my bag with a variety from the trees at a nearby orchard.  I've got big plans for these.  I hope they make it to the holidays; I say that because it's hard to not just munch them out of hand.  I've been up to the orchard three times this season.  I tried to pick every type available:  honeycrisp, fuji, cameo, shizuka, mutsu crispin, jonagold, idared, braeburn, pink lady, gold rush, golden russet, reinette zabergau, fireside.  So many different flavors and textures!  I just couldn't pick a favorite.

My latest haul
Aside from just eating them, I've made some goodies.  Apple spice cake, sauteed apples, apple cobbler, fresh apple scones, apple pie... yum yum YUM!  The kitchen definitely has the lingering cinnamon spice smell that I've come to associate with the Autumn season.

Dutch Apple Pie
Fresh Apple Scones
What's your favorite apple dessert?

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