Because I don't use preservatives in my cookies, they are best eaten within a few days of baking. Ask me about those that have a longer shelf life.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Raspberry White Chocolate Bars

One of my husband's favorite, Raspberry White Chocolate Bars are something I created at the request of (yet again) a ROTC cadet.

Raspberry bars are quite popular.  I research several recipes before taking pieces of many and creating my current bars.  One thing I knew was that I wanted to incorporate real fresh raspberries into the filling.  Most recipes were just raspberry jam between two cookie layers.  I wanted a cookie sturdy cookie base and then a crunchy, nutty topping.  And of course, I needed to throw some white chocolate in there.  After a few attempts, I opted for mixing in the topping rather than a drizzled icing.  Three tries later...success!  Crisp buttery cookie, luscious raspberry pieces in a sweet filling, crunchy topping with delicious bits of white chocolate.

Just baked this morning.  Waiting for it to cool so I can cut into samples.
I'm offering these wonderful cookie bars as part of my Mother's Day menu.  Each box of a dozen bars will be decorated with ribbon for a lovely gift presentation. 

Sample of decoration, colors may vary

$10 for one dozen Raspberry White Chocolate Bars.

Place your order today!

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