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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Apple Spice Cakes

There's an awesome farm about an hour away, in the mountains of Virginia.  They have a Pick-Your-Own apple orchard.  I took advantage of the awesome weather this past weekend and picked a bunch.  I was itching to bake something with these gems, so I chose my Apple Spice Cakes to start.  I have made these cakes for years and they've always been a hit.  And that was with store-bought apples.  Well, fresh apples, just hours off the tree, must be even better!

And here they are:

I finely chopped so many little bits of apple.  There's more apple than anything else in these cakes.  I added chopped walnuts and spices, and then I glazed them with an apple syrup to lock in moisture and give them an extra oomph.  They smell heavenly and perfectly spicy, just like Autumn should smell.

$5 a piece for these 3" diameter x 2" high cakes.  These cakes should keep for at least a week.

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