Because I don't use preservatives in my cookies, they are best eaten within a few days of baking. Ask me about those that have a longer shelf life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chocolate Mint

I usually make these cookies for catering orders.  They are always a huge hit.  Today, I was just feeling it.  I needed some minty goodness.  So I baked them.
No, these aren't like the Girl Scout's Thin Mints.  First of all, they are soft.  Rich chocolate cookie with a stud or two of chocolate chip, and a heavenly minty glaze.  All I can say is "mmm!".  Who needs Thin Mints?!?  These are way more satisfying.  You should try one.  Made from scratch:  real butter, sugar, eggs, flour, chocolate and peppermint.  They will be your new favorite.

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